Things People Don’t Miss About Alcohol

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1. Always being skint.

You’ll be hard pushed to find a better way to spend all your money quickly and incredibly badly than through addiction- be it spending money every night getting enjoyably drunk. Alcohol addiction isn’t cheap and your priority for spending a tenner is how many drinks you can get and where, and what dinner you can get for as little money as possible, you need help.

2. Never switching off.

The exhaustion of always planning where your next drink is going to come from, and when ( the bright’s and plans of an Alcoholic). Then comes making through the day so you can sink it- especially if, you can hold a job down while simultaneously being an addict. Don’t underestimate the cunning of an alcoholic: you’ll always know where it’s coming from, or be fretting if not.

3. Not sleeping properly.

I mean properly. Blacking out isn’t sleeping proper, restful sleep, not waking-up bolt- upright wondering -what- the time- is- and- what – happened- last -night -and then trying to remember did I insult any one at the bar last night. Both depression and exhaustion is now well and truly set in and today looks much like yesterday so lets get a drink in yourself quickly.

4. Insane mental journeys.

As you’d expect, Alcohol addiction is intertwined with mental health- give the lack of sleep and exhaustion of an always racing mind, the alcoholics ability to go flying of on tangents and deep down, dark alleyways is unparalleled. One is depressed when drink binging but don’t recognize the signs and the confusion for the alcoholic is am I drinking because I am depressed or am I getting depressed from the amount of drink I am consuming.

5. Being in pain.

You can try to ignore it, but the liver and kidney pain hurts like hell. Its also scary, because you know-oh, you know- exactly what it is: your body is shouting to stop. You are now scared to attend your doctor because you know they will find you out and tell you stop drinking, how are you going to deal with this. You are your lowest ebb no will power losing the will to life suicide will have crossed your mind on more than one occasion.