About The Sinclair Method

Developing dangerous drinking habit can be absolutely disastrous. Getting addicted to alcohol does not imply lack of willpower or any sort of weakness, it is actually a disease which needs to treated as soon as possible in the most effective and safe manner.

Your extreme dependency on alcohol which is termed as alcohol addiction can be characterized by a few symptoms like:

Unable to quit drinking, cannot control the quantity, start getting withdrawl symptoms if try to quit or can’t stop drinking even after realizing the harm. These alarming signs indicate alcoholism which needs to be treated.

We offer TSM (The sinclair method) which is a well-know treatment for alcohol addiction. It is is capable of changing the compulsive drinking habit of a person to pre-addiction stage.

The sinclair method comprises the intake of Naltrexone one hour prior to the very first drink of the day for the remaining part of your life till the medication starts to show positive results. Naltrexone creates a chemical disruption signaling the brain to drink less.

TSM has shown about 78% success rate with or without any kind of a therapy. It depends upon the patient’s personal choice weather to opt for an alongside therapy or not. One-fourth of the patients are able to restrain themselves completely from alcohol consumption whereas other treatments show only 5 to 15% success rate. The success rate of TSM differs from one patient to another depending upon the severity of the condition.

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