Outpatient Alcohol Treatment

outpatient-alchohal-treatmentStruggling with alcoholism? Would you like to get rid of this dreadful habit of yours and lead a normal and fulfilling life? To become sober and overcome the addiction to alcohol, opt for Rockwell Private, a successful online addiction service provider.

Outpatient alcohol treatment is a widely accepted and effective treatment and we serve as a comprehensive rehabilitation option. This program enables the patient to follow his normal routine and responsibilities of family or job as it requires some of his day or evening time. We provide individual consideration and patient specific treatment plan after carrying out significant consultations. Depending upon the severity and addiction, we as a responsible alcohol rehab offer the most suitable treatment.

Details like gender, physical and mental well-being, personal and professional history are taken into deep consideration before chalking out an effective outpatient alcohol treatment plan by us. As an integral part of alcohol rehab, we make sure that the treatment meets all your requirements and is able to effectively improve your condition getting rid of alcoholism.

Mental health issues like depression and anxiety are also addressed through the rehabilitation. Proper consultation with a psychiatrist and assessment of mental health are activities that make an important part of outpatient alcohol treatment.

Depending upon the level of treatment required, it is categorized as:

Day Treatment: This requires around five to seven days a week for about 6 hours a day either live at home or at an alcohol rehab.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment: The timings of the treatment remain flexible, it is generally three to four times a week for around three hours each day.

Continuing Care Groups: The patient needs to undergo the treatment just once a week for two hours.

Clinical milestones are decided by us on the basis of the patient’s condition. Our alcohol rehab makes advancement in the treatment as per the specific needs of the patient.

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