Getting Help for Yourself

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A functioning alcoholic is someone that can drink alcohol and still maintain an orderly life. They hold down a good job, regularly participate in family affairs, and have good friendships. However, drinking in excess, and still maintaining a good life, is not always a good thing. Alcohol can have devastating effects on the human body. A person who drinks excessively may not realize that they are damaging many different systems in the body. This type of drinking requires the help of professionals that know how to treat patients who are addicted to alcohol!

Many people live every day with an addiction to alcohol. They may not see it as a problem because it doesn’t get in the way of employment or family relations. Perhaps they have even gone through years without a DUI. However, drinking alcohol in excess will catch up with a person. Eventually, it will take its toll on the liver, the bones, or other body systems. If you or someone you love has an unhealthy alcohol habit, it may be time to call for help.

Help can come in many forms. A functioning alcoholic needs a three prong approach to getting help. First, they need to seek the help of professionals who are trained in the field of addictions. These specialists will talk to their patients to determine what type of treatment is best for them. Second, the family must be a part of the alcoholic’s recovery team. They will need a support system to be in place to help the alcoholic change their habits. Finally, they have to want help and follow through with what the professional advises.

Sometimes a professional may decide that their patient is a good candidate for specific medications that could help.

They may also add one on one or group counselling to the medication protocol. Every functional alcoholic is different and will require a different game plan to tackle their addiction issues. The first step is making the call to get the help required. Without that first phone call, help cannot be had. If you or someone you love cannot go a day without a drink of alcohol, it is probably time to get the help from professionals who care.