Dealing With A Functioning Alcoholic

dealing-with-alchohalIf you are an alcoholic, yet at the same time manage a decent career, raise a happy family, have an exciting social life and are able to accomplish almost everything normally, then you fall into the category of Functioning Alcoholic.

Due to the ability to disguise abusive drinking, a functioning alcoholic tends to remain in a denial mode about the drinking problem, in fact he/she does not perceive it as a problem at all since it does not create any sort of a hindrance in his/her normal life.

It gets extremely difficult to make such kind of people realize that the alcohol addiction is causing harm to their health in exactly the same way as it does with those who are obvious alcoholics. Just because a functioning alcoholic is successful in the outer world does not mean his health is not getting adversely affected by drinking problem.

Symptoms of functioning alcoholic are: drinking becomes compulsion, there is a set pattern of behavior, blackouts, waking up with a hang over or absenteeism. If some one abuses alcohol but is still able to manage life nicely does not imply that this person will not have any problems ever. Drinking more than moderate amounts will most likely have devastating effects in the long run.

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