Alcoholism recovery medication

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An Alcoholism recovery pill.

The best abstinence treatment available in the world today is Naltrexone. Presently, about 15% of alcoholics are on Naltrexone and this is the holy grail pill for alcoholics.

Naltrexone taken regularly works over an eighteen month period in completely eliminating cravings  ,medical trials have shown its the most powerful tool science has in fighting alcohol addiction.

Naltrexone has been written about by many famous doctors in the field of alcohol addiction for example Dr Roy Eskapa PhD . There are over 120 peer -reviewed trials using Naltrexone. The one that’s most often used for the Sinclair Method is naltrexone.

AA(Alcoholics Anonymous) is loathe to accept Naltrexone for Alcoholism.

Anything scientific is not accepted by the AA they believe you can’t cure an addiction with medicine . I suppose we have to forgive them as they are not doctors or scientists, they are well -intentioned and still like to boast their 2% success rate.  They have been going eighty years and run their twelve step program with very little success.

Treating An Alcoholic with Naltrexone.

Its as easy as to treat alcoholism with naltrexone as it is to treat high blood pressure. But in treating alcoholics you have to persuade people and their families  and takes time lots of time. They have never heard of this drug, so you have to gain their confidence to get compliance necessary for the treatment to work.  A very valid point in all of this is that the Sinclair Method is not just the pharmacologic extinction of the over drinking behaviour, that’s half of the method. The other half is this; When the person improves to where there are days when there is no craving what’s so ever ( and consequently they do not take naltrexone), that person will engage fully  in positive behaviours again.