Rockwell Private:

We are an online addiction service offering our award winning counselling services and Naltrexone products. We operate a world Wide service with world wide delivery to any country in the world. Our Doctors have 50 years experience between them in counselling and addiction drugs. We offer Naltrexone by choice because of its success in curing Alcohol addiction and its ranked the number one drug in the world out of a possible 43 treatments available to cure alcohol addiction. All statistics written about Naltrexone are confirmed and endorsed by the FDA.


We offer a safe and painless detox treatment taking a maximum of three days to detox a person safely with the minimum of sickness or nausea. When taking Naltrexone its completely safe and you cant over dose on it. Once Naltrexone enter your blood stream it works within 20 minutes from the time you take it. You don’t need to enter rehab and can detox in comfort of your own home. We don’t offer twelve step programs just a drug that has been tried and tested and a drug that works.

Success Ratings:

Our addiction services with Naltrexone has an 100%  success rate with our patients in curing alcohol addiction and we believe its suitable for everyone with no side effects and approved by the FDA. Trials have proofed that Naltrexone has an 80% plus success rate in curing alcohol addiction.


Current statistics speaks volumes showing AA( Alcoholics Anonymous) eighty years in business has a miserable 2% success rate with their 12 step program. Residential rehab has a 4% success rate and all other form of addiction cures offered have never published results ??. This is the main reason we offer our services with confidence and guaranteed results.


Naltrexone has been around for 54 years so it is well tried and tested, there are 37,000 blogs written about Naltrexone on the internet and not one blog is negative in its reporting. Naltrexone went off patent eight years ago therefore losing its licence leaving the door open for any pharmaceutical company to produce it. The big pharmaceutical had now lost interest in making Naltrexone because its not exclusive as a money maker and pushed to have it discontinued as an addiction drug. It is not allow to be prescribed to medical card holders which we think is criminal and shows what control the big pharmaceutical companies have over our governments.