Binge Drinking

Take control of your binge drinking. By using the Sinclair Method and taking Naltrexone before going socialising gives you full control of your drinking.

Low Dose Naltrexone

Take a look at how many of the 54 diseases this wonder drug has cured MS/Fibromyalgia/Cancer, AID'S but to name a few. Low Dose Naltrexone is endorsed by top medical experts (David Steele MBE).

Free Detox and Free Rehablitation Under the 2011 EU Cross-Border Directive

Under the 2011 EU Directive you are entitled to a Free 3 week detox or an 8 week Rehabilitation in any private clinic of your choice any where in Europe.

Freedom From Alcohol Addiction

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Recovery Methods
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The Sinclair Method is a technique used in the sphere of alcohol addiction recovery. Alcohol addiction can affect anyone and no individual culture is immune from the plight that affects both men and women. This is a terrible addiction to … Read More

Asking for Help
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Free alcohol addiction advice is only a phone call away. There are many ways to get advice whether you are the addict or a family member of an addict. You can call, email, or participate in an online chat session. … Read More

Getting Help for Yourself
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A functioning alcoholic is someone that can drink alcohol and still maintain an orderly life. They hold down a good job, regularly participate in family affairs, and have good friendships. However, drinking in excess, and still maintaining a good life, … Read More

Understanding the Sinclair Method to Treat Alcoholism
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Sinclair’s treatment technique can be immediately condensed. It involves educating the alcoholic individual to swallow a single pill in the blink of an eye before they have an alcoholic beverage. Aside from the necessity of taking this pill before drinking, … Read More

Getting Help for Alcohol Addiction
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Getting sober is never an easy thing. When a person is addicted to alcohol, they have many hurdles to overcome. Besides the painful detoxing process, there is dealing with the emotional hang-ups that caused the drinking in the first place. … Read More

Alcoholism recovery medication
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An Alcoholism recovery pill. The best abstinence treatment available in the world today is Naltrexone. Presently, about 15% of alcoholics are on Naltrexone and this is the holy grail pill for alcoholics. Naltrexone taken regularly works over an eighteen month period in completely eliminating … Read More

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